Want to hear more about the project and its research areas? A list of our forthcoming appearances is below.  Entries are in chronological order, so you might need to scroll down to find everything that’s happening soon.  A listing of previous appearances can be found by clicking here



St John's college lawnAncient music’ in late-medieval Europe, St John’s College- 5th February 2019

On 5th February, Karl will be speaking on “‘Ancient music’ in late-medieval Europe: From thirteenth-century Paris to seventeenth-century Silesia” at this term’s later medieval seminar.  All members of the University are welcome to attend, and more information can be found on the Oxford Talks page at



Avignon as transcultural hub, Oxford – 8th February 2019

A MALMECC study day considering a range of themes centering around cultural transfers and scientific knowledge in papal Avignon, providing fresh insight through interdisciplinary discussion based on a series of short position papers.  Please see the events page for more information.  All welcome.

Attendance is free, but please contact to register.



illumination of a scribe

Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Ghent – 26th February 2019

On the 26th February, team member David Murray will be speaking at the University of Ghent on ”Cultural production at the court of a fourteenth-century Prince of the Church: Salzburg, Pilgrim von Puchheim, and the ‘Monk”.  More information can be found on the agenda at MSS2018-2019



Institute of Historical Research, London- 1st March 2019

On the 1st March, David and Laura will be taking part in the Spring Term 2019 seminar series of the Institute of Historical Research, presenting on ‘Philippa of Hainault: Music and Manuscript’ and ‘Sounding out the Court: The Songs of the Monk of Salzburg and the court of Archbishop Pilgrim II’.  More information can be found at



Logo of the Konstanzer Arbeitskreis für mittelalterliche GeschichteKonstanzer Arbeitskreis für mittelalterliche Geschichte, Reichenau – 12th March 2019

On 12th March, Karl will be speaking at ‘Soundscapes of the Middle Ages’, the spring seminar of the Konstanzer Arbeitskreis für mittelalterliche Geschichte,  His paper will be titled “Musica-vox-cantus-sonus: Klangvorstellungen des Mittelalters, mittelalterliches Hören und der “sonic turn””, and more information can be found on their website by clicking here.



International Medieval Congress, Leeds – 2nd July 2019

On 2nd July, Laura will be chairing and presenting in a panel on ‘Women and the Late Medieval Court: Gender, Culture, and Power in 14th-Century England’, considering the role of women at the late medieval English court.  More information will be available at



2019 Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society – 22nd-27th July 2019

The MALMECC team will present a panel at the 2019 ICLS Congress on ‘Interdisciplinary perspectives on music at the networked court’.  Topics will include papal and cardinals’ courts, power at the court of Savoy, and Archbishop Pilgrim II and the Monk of Salzburg.  More information about ICLS 2019 is available at