Want to hear more about the project and its research areas? A list of our forthcoming appearances is below.  Entries are in chronological order, so you might need to scroll down to find everything that’s happening soon.  A listing of previous appearances can be found by clicking here



the logo of the max planck instuitute for the history of science - a mathematical diagramMax Planck Institute for the History of Science – 16th April 2019

On 16th April, Karl will be speaking at ‘Capturing Sound in the Premodern and Early Modern World’, an event organised by the Max Planck research group ‘Epistemes of Modern Acoustics’.  More information about the event can be found at



Colloque – Transnationalité à la cour / Transnationalism at Court, University of Liège – 21st and 22nd March 2019

Our next MALMECC study day will be held on 21st & 22nd March at the University of Liège on the theme of ‘Transnationalism at Court’, and more information can be found on our events page or by contacting Christophe at



International Medieval Congress, Leeds – 2nd July 2019

On 2nd July, Laura will be chairing and presenting in a panel on ‘Women and the Late Medieval Court: Gender, Culture, and Power in 14th-Century England’, considering the role of women at the late medieval English court.  More information will be available at



2019 Congress of the International Courtly Literature Society – 22nd-27th July 2019

The MALMECC team will present a panel at the 2019 ICLS Congress on ‘Interdisciplinary perspectives on music at the networked court’.  Topics will include papal and cardinals’ courts, power at the court of Savoy, and Archbishop Pilgrim II and the Monk of Salzburg.  More information about ICLS 2019 is available at