Ecclesiastical Courts as Cultural Hubs

A stairway to heaven? The court of the Liège prince-bishops

As well as researching and writing, a large part of academic work is presenting your findings.  Christophe’s work is featured in the recently published conference proceeding, La Paix de Fexhe (1316) et les révoltes dans la Principauté de Liège et dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux.  Here, he presents a  post which looks at life in the courts of the prince-bishops of Liège. drawing on some of the themes of his paper. 

Cultural Production and Late Medieval Ecclesiastical Courts

On the 16th and 17th February the MALMECC team welcomed an international gathering of medievalists to Oxford for a workshop focused on ecclesiastical courts as places of cultural production, performance, reception and dissemination. The team hoped that assembling scholars of many different disciplines (including historians, musicologists, art historians and literary scholars) would both illuminate this important but understudied social milieu or setting, and facilitate future theorization.

Digging into the secrets of the Vatican

A few months ago the Archivio Segreto Vaticano opened again after their traditional summer break, to the delight of the scholars that regularly gather there in search of unknown, interesting, surprising, or shocking documents. The archives are surrounded by an air of mystery, created partly by their name – the Vatican Secret Archives.  Christophe, a veteran of the archive who will soon be travelling back for MALMECC, remembers his first visit…

A panorama of St Peter's Square