Married Life

So what happened once you were married in the courts of medieval Europe?  The Victorian idea of ‘separate spheres’- men dominating the public world of work and politics, women responsible for the private, domestic life of home and children- does not apply in the Middle Ages. We cannot make a clear distinction between the public and the private, or even between work and home.

An illumination showing the betrothal of a couple by a priest, with joined hands

Courtiers riding in May

‘Methodological Innovation in Late Medieval Studies’

On 27th-28th April 2017, the MALMECC project hosted its first workshop on: ‘Methodological Innovation in Late Medieval Studies’. Hosted by Wadham College, Oxford, a multidisciplinary group of medievalists from countries across Europe as well as North America joined us to debate new ways of approaching medieval sources and explore new methods of historical, art historical, literary and musicological investigation.